Mandarin Festival a hit!

Orange for the mandarin hauling truck is cool.


Although rain poured in old town Auburn California on Friday, Nov. 20th, the Outdoor vendors at the Mandarin Festival repacked their stock and hoped for the best. The Mandarin Festival was a hit with locals and out-of-towners as the weather cooperated fitfully with sun on Saturday and little drizzles on Sunday, the final day of the festival. The slight cool air and sporadic sprinkles did not stop folks from making the best of Auburn’s annual event while the Rock Bottom Boys made good fun with their humorous performance of good ole’ hillbilly rock.  

Is that a little funky hillbilly rock?


Want more than enjoying the “hillbilly instrumentation with classic rock songs,” bluegrass? Perhaps you would fully enjoy a long linger through the Mandarin Festival’s outdoor booths and indoor exhibits with vendors and cooking demonstrations. There are plenty of folks --young and old. Everyone seemed to enjoy the offerings of mandarins by the bag full, mandarin shakes, mandarin cookies, mandarin flan, and mandarins dunked in chocolate. Along with the mandarin theme was a wide variety of merchandise from vendors like Becca’s Imports with affordable, fun clothing and jewelry. How about the award winning photographer Don Schimmel  with western and landscape photographs in country style frames or plain matting, and don't forget Oakawahnee Alpaca Ranch with imported scarves, hats, gloves, and socks all handmade!

So cute those Alpacas are!3

4Perhaps catching a glimpse of a super cleaver, bright, and nutty clown might add another smile to one’s day at the festival or simply checking off the Christmas list with a purchase of a whiskey jug crafted by potter Joe Souza with over thirty years experience in the art. Or, with the interesting and wide variety of vendors you might find yourself listening to an uplifting flute performance by Jose Cabezas marketing his flutes and Ancient Winds CDs.  Plenty of food fixings were also available with options for Greek gyros, lobster sandwiches, Mexican traditional choices, teriyaki, hot dogs, BBQ and more. Don't forget to wash it all down with a little wine or Mandarin Vodka. It can easily be said that the 10Mandarin affair in Auburn was one of the best festival food event this year in the Sacramento and surrounding communities. Heck, probably the best event in Northern California!


If you’d had your fill of food, kaleidoscope, hillbilly rock, and other entertainers found in various locations throughout the festival, you might find yourself taking a seat to watch a cooking demonstration or two. How about a yonder past the Placer SPCA trailer where a couple adorable dogs will warm the public for adoption? Miss Mutley and Tamra offered their girl hound smiles and tail wags and anyone looking for a new dog or simply being an animal lover would surely become

Mandarin Tree6

mesmerized. Mutley is a ten year old pit bull mix with a sweet face and disposition and her sister adoptable dog, Tamra, is a seven year old German Sheppard mix. (You can find out more about pet adoptions and Placer SPCA hours and functions at their web site here.)  7


The Mandarin Festival with its bits of rain and sun, variety of vendors and merchandise, and a variety of lighthearted music was surely a hit! Such an enjoyable annual festival, but if you have never made it out to the event, you will have to wait another year for a weekend packed full of fun.  See you next year.